Amie Believes
is Key.

She approaches her hands on training sessions much like she approaches her own aesthetic patients. Whether you are a healthcare professional or one of her patients, Amie focuses on educating you about anatomy, products to be used, and the proper technique.  She feels this boosts the confidence level of everyone involved in the treatment and ensures beautiful results.


Amie has worked in healthcare since 2003, and she has focused on aesthetics since 2007.  Her mission is to educate beyond her patients to reach the everyday consumer of aesthetic and cosmetic industry services and products.  Follow her on instagram to read her educational posts, see photos of treatments, and just see what she's up to regarding new techniques and trainings.  You can also subscribe to her monthly Aesthetic News, where Amie sends you details on new products coming to the U.S. market, interesting research, updates on FDA clinical trials, and more...


Amie invests in her own continuing education.  Learning from industry leaders in Europe to find new and advanced ways to provide for her patients here in the U.S. and future trainees.  European healthcare professionals have been working with neurotoxins and fillers for years before the U.S. had their hands on these products for cosmetic use.  London, The Netherlands, Paris, Monte Carlo, Canada, Brazil...are just a few of the regions Amie has had the privilege of learning from.  Amie feels fortunate to have these opportunities to learn from the best, and she hopes to encourage other aesthetic healthcare professionals to push themselves to raise the bar of the aesthetics industry.

Botox Queens

Based in Chicago, Botox Queens specializes in first-class "Royal" treatments, one beautiful face at a time.


We are just a group of aesthetic providers (a sorority of sorts), and our aim is to educate and treat each of our patients with individualized and safe techniques. The choice of how to move forward on your aesthetic journey is a personal decision, honored with beautiful results.

If you're a provider looking for support from experienced aesthetic providers, sign up for one of our NovTox or NovFil courses and take advantage of 3 months of shadowing.  We believe in mentoring and coaching the next generation of aesthetic providers.  Not a newbie?  Still want to feel supported in the aesthetic industry? You'll be surprised at how much we can learn by starting with a ground level course again...the mentoring is free after that!

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