Amie Martin’s training courses laid the foundation for my career in aesthetics, and I could not be more pleased with the experience. 

Amie meticulously covers all aspects of aesthetic injections from the consultation and development of a plan of care, to individualizing treatments to best suit the needs and goals of our patients with an emphasis on patient safety. 

My training with Amie extended far beyond my time in the classroom, as she so graciously and patiently allowed me the opportunity to shadow her and to watch her work her magic in the clinical setting. 

I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable education I received and for the refreshing, friendly, inviting, atmosphere in which it was taught. 

J.J., RN


About Amie


Amie Martin RN, BSN, BS, CANS has worked in healthcare since 2003. She prides herself on having a well-rounded understanding and expertise in the business and aesthetics of the cosmetic industry. From day one of her aesthetics career, Amie built her craft on a solid foundation of treating the patient from the inside out.  She carries this approach into her training and mentoring programs to help nourish the next generation of aesthetic providers.

Amie's Treatment Philosophy

Amie believes in a personalized, natural, and educational approach to all aesthetic treatments. This gives her patients an outstanding aesthetic experience. No matter if she's treating a patient or training a healthcare professional, she believes strongly in educating others.  Getting to know you is the first step and understanding your "laundry list"is the next step in her consult.  Next, Amie focuses on helping you learn about the products and procedures on the market today.  This is important in your decision making process.  She feels a great sense of satisfaction when helping her patients feel more confident about  proceeding with treatment.


Aging halts for no one. We are all decaying after 25! Amie educates her patients about the aging process and what they can do to be an active participant in the 'fight' against aging.  She wants her patients to know that the art of injectables is not a magic wand, but their investment will pay off. Amie feels strongly about having her patients participate in their aesthetic outcomes by helping them make choices through education about non-surgical procedures, at-home skin care routines, and surface skin care treatments.  Amie's goal is to help her patients look and feel their best no matter what age. Her treatment philosophy focuses on patient involvement and natural "midwest" outcomes.


Amie loves to see the confidence boost aesthetic treatments give her patients. You will often hear Amie say in her consultations…”tell me your number one concern.” Though she has the trained eye and skill to bring many areas of the face and body into better balance, Amie finds it of utmost importance to understand what her patients’ goals are. Through careful selection of products and techniques, she aims to deliver safe, natural results that help take years off. When her patients look in the mirror, their opinion matters most. You'll never feel pressured or pushed into a treatment that you're not ready for.  Amie has a high patient satisfaction rate for this reason.  


There's no cookie cutter approach to performing aesthetic injectable treatments.  Everyone deserves an individual assessment and treatment plan designed around your goals and desired outcomes.


Amie Martin, RN, CANS, BSN, BS, has been trained by aesthetic practitioners all over the world.  London, Scotland, The Netherlands, Paris, Monte Carlo, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, and Columbia...are just a few of the regions Amie has had the privilege of learning from.  A saying that Amie was told by a fellow colleague rings true in her passion for continuing her own education, "If you are the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room."  Amie offers expert hands-on training to Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Nurses, and Dentists. Amie's goal is to help practitioners at all levels of expertise in the field of aesthetics.  She focuses on giving you the tools to practice safely and effectively using neuromodulators and dermal fillers, as well as sharing the appropriate pearls of the industry to increase your revenue.


Amie believes that education is key. Her recent endeavor is to educate beyond her patients to reach the everyday consumer of aesthetic and cosmetic industry services and products.  Follow her on Instagram @AmieMartinRN 

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There are not enough things I can say about the courses and constant continuing education Amie has to offer. First the classes are in a small group setting , which make it feel one on one . Amie is laid back and adds tons of humor to the class that makes it less nerve racking. Her passion for the Aesthetics world comes out in each class. Botox Queens offers shadowing and each injector has a technique to add to your mental library. All the Botox Queens inspire you !!



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